What people say…

Read what grateful folks who have taken programs with Rhoberta and Charles have written:

“The seminar showed me ways to expand on my journey. To learn that I don’t have to figure out my purpose now was huge.” – Monika

“I now give myself permission to live the truth of my soul as a part of the rhythm of the dance.”  – Seonaid

“The most important part that I will take with me is to be awake and fully present. That stands out the most for me today among the many gems you have scattered in my path.”  – Sharon

“Thank you for showing us that the realization of acceptance, the joy of gratitude, the faith of trust, and the gift of surrender are realities we can embody and share with each other and the world.”  – Joe

“Yes, there is peace on earth and it is now more profound in my soul because of this workshop. Thank you.”  – Gail

                                                        …and many more.  Join us.