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Soul Solitude – Book, Journal, Workshops, Retreats, Teleseminars
to enhance your personal growth, spiritual awareness, relationships
& spiritual growth. Free yourself from fear, anxiety & tension.
Live purposefully. Live on purpose. Align your life with your beliefs.

Soul Solitude: Taking Time for Our Souls To Catch Up

Breakthrough New Book And Teleseminar Program That Will Answer Questions And Guide You To Personal Peace.

Find relief from tension, anxiety & fear.

SOUL SOLITUDE Offers The Missing Peace And Pieces That Make You Whole.


Rhoberta Shaler, PhD
& G. Charles Andersen, MA
authors of SOUL SOLITUDE: Taking Time for Our Souls to Catch Up
invite you to experience the power of aligning with your purpose.
Step into the gifts and mystery intended just for you.

You are so much more than your past, your circumstances and what the expectations of others allow you to be.

Liberate yourself from the drama & busyness of daily living with this new practical, insightful approach to personal growth and spiritual awareness now.


Soul Solitude will gently, but irrevocably, awaken you to the possibilities and wonder of your life.

Transform your life and claim your joy.

  • Transform Relationships
  • Understand yourself
  • Choose the life you want now
  • Extricate yourself from the past
  • Acknowledge the gifts of the Ego Self
  • Remove Limitations
  • Live from your Authentic Self
  • Experience the joy of being fully present


If you know in your heart there is more to life than you are experiencing now, the principles in these pages will break the unseen chains of limitation that are holding you back. By breaking through the toxic and dysfunctional paradigms that you inherited, adopted or adapted, Soul Solitude helps you step into the gifts and mystery intended just for you.

Begin now.

soul solitudeSOUL SOLITUDE: Taking Time for Our Souls to Catch Up

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